You vs. Valentine’s Day?

Hello South Africans Soon to Meet Someone Fantastic.

Yes, it’s almost Valentines Day in Johannesburg and Cupid’s commercial arrows are about rain down on Jozi like one of the omnipresent storms we’ve had to wade through lately. The question is, will it send you running for cover or running for roses (a bunch of which on Feb 14th might set you back the equivalent of a small bond repayment)? It’s a question both single and yes, even currently dating South Africans, carefully consider every year.

As member of the singles camp, you might think it’s expected of you to see the 14th as more unlucky than any Friday the 13th could ever be. In fact, without even realising it, you might have already found yourself among the ranks of the ‘Anti-Valentine’s Dayers’ – ready to shoot right back at Cupid, boycott florists and shun Champagne, heart-shaped chocolates and candlelight until everyone returns to their cynical senses.

Um, would you please carefully reconsider?

C’mon, how bad can a day dedicated solely to love really be? And we know you haven’t given up on love or you wouldn’t be here on a dating site. Now, we don’t have to rush into anything. For example, why not begin by looking at Valentine’s Day merely as a time to start? A time to give in a bit, take the hand of the hopeless romantic inside of you and go for a little stroll down Lover’s Lane. Can you hear the violins yet?

Seriously, it really only takes a couple of clicks to start connecting with some of the thousands of singles that have joined Joburg Dating. Here are a couple of reasons it’s one of the best things you could possibly do this Valentine’s Day…

“Hi, you come here often?”… “Hi, you come here often?”… “Hi, you come here often?”…

Let’s face it, meeting someone new out and about in Jozi isn’t easy. And it’s nearly impossible on Valentine’s Day, with nothing but the already-dating South Africans wherever the eye may look. We prefer the odds of what we have here – a Gauteng focused dating site, where there are already thousands of singles for just one reason – to meet someone. Is ‘Jackpot’ too strong a word?!

“I beg your pardon! How much did you want for those Carnations?”

Browsing singles on our site is absolutely free. Yup, even on the 14th of February we’ve resisted the urge to make things more expensive in the name of love (and we even have some great Valentines Day specials on the way. Hint hint, stay tuned). So spare a thought for the dating South Africans are out there. Because on V-Day love hurts, and it’s the wallet that gets it!

“Um, do you bring your mom on every date?”

There are no uncomfortable surprises in store for you when meeting people on a dating website. You can chat, correspond, trade-photos and even videos for as long as you like with people who interest you. It’s safe! So you can really get to know someone before actually meeting them (and avoid becoming some statistic!)

“I gave my friend your number, didn’t think you’d mind”

We keep your details and personal information private. No, they will not be posted all over cyberspace. And no, they will not be sold to sneaky telemarketers as part of a database! If someone wants your number they’ll have to get it the good ol’ fashioned way, by asking you.

“If you would like to hear the menu again, press hash”

We’re all about meeting people, why would we hire robots? Our people are online and on call to help with any and all queries and concerns you may have.

Well we hope we’ve given you something to think about as Cupid quietly fills his quiver in anticipation of the big day and florists all over town lick their chops. After all, what use are admirers if they’re secret? And who cares what the motives of the marketers are? February the 14th, like any other day, will always be a good one when spent in the company of someone you kinda like.

Who knows, this time next year it could be you on the phone frantically trying to book that table for two at Chez Romantique…

PS – We have a super exciting announcement to make when the big day arrives – so make sure to check back for that plus some other goodies (cough cough: freebies)